Guidelines and Practices for Promoting
the Safety of Children and Youth


As a Christian community, we are called upon to protect and care for the vulnerable people in our society. This vocation includes the cultivation of a safe environment in which children and youth can explore their faith. Since children and youth also participate in the whole church environment, their safety is a concern and responsibility of the whole church community.

The following guidelines and practices are intended specifically to help those who work with children and youth within the Sunday school and Youth programs at St John’s; that is Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, staff and other volunteers. Included are guidelines pertaining to the interface between these programs and the larger church environment.

A meeting of all workers in these programs will be called at the beginning of each Sunday school year for purposes of reviewing these guidelines and orienting new volunteers.

A member of the staff will give this statement of guidelines to parents, new teachers and youth workers, and newcomers to St John’s. They will also be posted on the website, and available in hard copy at the back of the church.


  • Volunteers and staff working with vulnerable populations must complete an information form; and also arrange to submit a police record check which is no more than three years old (church staff assists with this). This information is kept in a secure file in the Church office.

  • Once every two years, children will be invited to attend a workshop on staying safe in Church and how to look out for each other. These skills will be reinforced by Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders and parents.

  • Once a year, parents will be invited to attend a meeting addressing questions of safety for children and youth at St John’s.

  • The Sunday school teachers will supervise the children during Sunday school, and on the way to and from Sunday school classes.

  • Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children outside of Sunday school and youth group. They will determine what guidelines their own children must follow for their safety and enforce them.




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